Purposefully Lost Dogs

Purposefully Lost Dogs works in two areas of scent dog training – medical detection research and tracking – as well as offering puppy training classes. We are currently focused on several research projects and are always keen to hear from volunteers. If you are a dog owner we will train you in aspects of detection work however you don’t have to own a dog as we work extensively with rescue dogs as well. We are also keen to hear from fundraisers and land owners who can accommodate us for training sessions.

At the moment we are actively recruiting volunteers for cancer detection studies. Please visit the pages relating to cancer detection and volunteer roles for clinical patients, dog owners and volunteer trainers to find out more about the work we are doing and how you can help.

PLEASE NOTE: Purposefully Lost Dog’s permanent employees – Dougal, Coco, Molly and Flea and handlers are going to Limpopo to do anti-poaching work this May so our next volunteer intake will be in June.

Free pre-adoption consultancy

We work with a number of rescue organisations as well as working dog programmes. and in this capacity offer free consultations for prospective dog owners to help you find the best match of breed and dog to your home and we do this in an effort to curb the number of dogs ending up in rescue centres due to their unsuitability for a particular environment.