About us

Carolynne Geary – founder and researcher

Purposefully Lost Dogs founder Carolynne Geary has a Masters in wild carnivore ecology from University College London and a canine behaviourist. She is the recipient of a number of academic awards including the National Environment Research Council award for her masters for which she studied the reintroduction potential of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula for the Scottish Wildcat. In addition she has a BSc Hons, BComm Hons and a BA.

Since then she has worked as a research manager on a private game reserve focused solely on research and education, written for conservation publications and trained a lot of dogs including her four very distinct dogs.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 20.28.42Dougal – tracker-in-chief, top dog

Dougal arrived at Purposefully Lost’s headquarters at eight weeks and has assumed the role of top dog ever since. He is a GSP x Collie who is obsessed with toys (we have to remind him to eat) and has a catalogue that he chooses from. He’s been tracking since seven months.

Coco – mediator and ambassador

Coco likes people and food so she has become the perfect ambassador for Purposefully Lost Dogs (she even did a talk at some schools to educate the kids on how to look after dogs). She’s not a big worker but will do the odd sniffer dog trick if the reward is right.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 20.30.09

Molly – personal assistant to Dougal

Molly is another GSP x Collie and sister to Dougal. Whilst Dougal is a work horse who can work all day, Molly is a little less intense. What she lacks in intensity she makes up for in biddability (eagerness to please) with both humans and dogs giving way to the others.

Flea – trainee

Flea is a German shepherd cross rescue who has gone from attacking anything that came close to her to spending her days sleeping and dreaming about attacking food. She’s not really a star employee but given her history we’ve decided that we’re not to worried about performance metrics. Flea is however being given the opportunity to try her hand at tracking and anti-poaching work but if she fails she can return to spending her days sleeping on the couch.