Your course fees include two meals daily, accommodation, teaching materials and six weeks of course lectures. Meals include a two course breakfast and two course lunch, with vegan options available.

Students stay in a safari tented camp on a game reserve. Please note the camp is open so wild animals do come through from time to time – we fence the dogs in rather than the game out.

In addition your course fees includes the following:

Carbon offset

Mark Twain (clever man) once said travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness but that was before. Before man-made climate change, long haul flights and Greta (clever woman). We are serious about climate change so we use some of your money to help our reforestation project in the Eastern Cape, South Africa – an area where the very special spekboom tree grows (one of the planet’s most effective carbon sink – even better than the Amazon). Not only will an overgrazed, rocky area be returned to it’s original state, your money also helps provide local employment in an area in dire need of upliftment. You can feel good about that.

Dog sterilisation

Currently in South Africa we are overrun by street dogs and euthanasia is a form of population control. To stop this we support all sterilisation efforts and included in your price is the sterilisation of one very lucky and probably ungrateful street dog. We try to get you to meet your sterilisation victim but it’s not always possible. Just know you’ve prevented at least 12 puppies scavenging on rubbish dumps as a way of life. You can also feel very good about that.

Political lobbying

We literally want to change the world. How? We want stricter controls on the breeding of dogs. Currently anyone can breed dogs. No license, no fee, no control. Sadly even if a rescue organisation picks up an unsterilised dog they have no option but to return it intact to the owners. We want this to change dramatically. We feel that if all breeding animals have to be licensed and microchipped it will give rescue organisations the ability to sterilise animals they find. And let’s be honest even if a dog has an owner, if their dog is on the street it should be sterilised. We want the power to be in the hands of the sterilisers rather than careless owners.

Dog treats and community gifts


You will assist or lead five community dog training classes and your fee includes both treats for the dogs and prizes for both the most empathetic dog trainer and most disciplined dog trainer.